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NO is NO

NO does not mean MAYBE. Being invited to our events does not mean that 'sex is guaranteed'. Be seductive, let your charm speak and have a good party.


For us, swinging and hedonism are synonymous of sexual openness and an open mind to each other's pleasures, however, respect for others is a primary condition in our events. Everything is possible (or almost) but nothing is mandatory. You can spend a day or night drinking, dancing and enjoying the space. Sex depends on your desires as well as others, but it is in no way mandatory.


Our events are published in advance, so you will have plenty of time to contact us to make your reservation. You will not have access to the events if you have not made a reservation in advance.


During the day you can remain, preferably without clothes or in swimming clothes. At night, the dresscode* is mandatory: Women: Sexy short dress, lingerie and elegant shoes, no sport shoes. Men: Shirt, polo, pants, no sport shoes. *Some of our nights are themed, so check the appropriate dresscode in the description of each event.


Your reservations has food and drinks included, so it is not permitted to bring in from outside.


Mobile phones will not be tolerated. They are prohibited from taking photos or filming inside our property. Respect for privacy is one of the essential points of the lifestyle.


Protection is advised if you swap. Condoms are available free of charge in all our corners, don't take unnecessary risks with your health. Showers and towels are also available to ensure maximum comfort, whether before or after sex.


This act is completely prohibited. If we become aware of anyone providing this type of service, they will be permanently excluded from the event.


For hygiene reasons, sex is totally prohibited, under penalty of immediate exclusion.


Any act that resembles alcohol abuse, as well as the use of drugs, is prohibited on our premises and will be immediately sanctioned with definitive exclusion.


Reservation cancellation is possible up to 30 days before the event, the initial payment is retained as a withdrawal penalty


Single men, access to events depends on the number of single women registered.Some women look for men or couples or women, the combinations are multiple and everyone has the opportunity to feel pleasure by behaving correctly. Gentlemen, be gallant, never insist and never touch a woman who has not clearly told you that she agrees.


Can I leave and return to the event?

You can leave and return whenever you wish, however, remember that if you came as a couple, you will have to re-enter as a couple.

What is the dress code?

We have a dress code to create a more engaging and fun night for everyone. WELL DRESSED TO IMPRESS!! That means you should be dressed in a way that you look your best, to feel desirable and sexy. Wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing, not too casual, not too formal. Ladies are more than welcome to wear a more revealing outfit or lingerie if they like. At night, NO beachwear, NO sandals, NO trainers, NO gym clothes, ladies should avoid wearing pants. Access to the pool and hot tub is only permitted if you are nude

What kind of people attend the parties?

We welcome people from all areas of life and origins who agree with our rules. Our guests are well-groomed, discreet, well-mannered, tolerant, respecting other people, and having a fun attitude.

Are there more men than women at the parties?

The number of single men is equal to the number of single women.

Should the ladies change in to lingerie upon entry?

We recommend that you change in to lingerie or sexy clothes when you go to the rooms to create a more sensual and erotic atmosphere, but it is not mandatory. In our parties you can to stay dressed all night long.

Is there a changing room?

We have a comfortable and warm room where you can change clothes.

Can we just watch?

Sure, you can! Some people are exhibitionists, so you will make them happy by coming to watch them. In our parties, everything is allowed but nothing is obligatory. Keep in mind that in the swing world a closed door or curtain means DO NOT DISTURB

Singles can attend to the parties?

Absolutely. Singles female and male are welcome and we try to equalize the numbers of males and females attending to the parties.

Is the participation in the action at the parties compulsory?

All our parties are pressure-free. There is nothing mandatory, everybody is free to do whatever they want, as long as they follow the rules and don't disturb or offend others. No always means No, so you will never have to participate in any action or with anyone you are not interest in.

Do you have a private car park?

Yes we have, but if you want to guarantee a place for your car, don't arrive late, otherwise you can park in the area.
However, we advise, if possible, to share the vehicle with your friends.

Do we have to reserve to participate in a party?

Reservations are mandatory. Click in the button reserve NOW.

Can we smoke at the party?

Smoking inside the house is strictly prohibited. However, there are smoking areas in the living area.

Is there a dance floor with DJ?

We will have every night our DJ MigO at its best for you to enjoy magnificent nights of all kind of music, like Latin, house, pop, sensual, 80's, etc. ... promises to be HOT!

Can I bring a friend?

Reservations are mandatory, so everyone must have a prior reservation.

Is there public transport to the location?

It's better if you bring your own car or take a Taxi or Uber.

Is the water in the pool and jacuzzi heated?

The water is heated between 25º and 28º C.

Can I celebrate my birthday at the event?

Sure! It will be a pleasure to celebrate with you your birthday.

May I cancel my reservation?

Reservation cancellation is possible up to 30 days before the event; however, the first installment is non-refundable.